I have worked within private homes, schools and hospitals. If I’m lucky enough to create, say, a whole playroom, then the children would be involved in the design.  A local school gave me the opportunity to create several murals that featured in its main hallway and library. 

A dank basement was tanked and well lit, two niches leading off the room allowed me to turn it into a playroom featuring  a pirate’s treasure island theme and a jungle ruin featuring many deadly animals.  For their parents, since the basement was windowless, I painted French windows leading out to an Italian lake scene. The window architecture was copied to match the real windows upstairs.

A fantasy bedroom with castles and fairies.

A nursery and pre prep school gave me the opportunity to create murals and trompe-l'oeil for their library, hallway and classrooms.

A basement was transformed into a wonderful playroom, with something painted for all members of the family.

A bedroom with hills, valleys and blue sky stretching out to the sea.